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5 Things to Not miss in the Market on Tuesday!

5 Things to Not miss in the Market on Tuesday!

Below are the top 5 things that you need to know about the financial market today, on Tuesday. Check out the latest status of the best industry markets today. Here are the highs and lows that you should definitely check out!

  • U.S. Stock Seems to Start big! 

The U.S. stock futures pointed to the higher opening this Tuesday as S&P 500 edged closer to the all-time high that it managed to reach in January. The lack of escalation that put a lot of tension between U.S. and China seems to be finding a soothing relief. At 5:35 AM ET it seemed that “Dow Futures” were up by 80 points while the tech-heavy Nasdaq 100 futures were indicated at the gain of 25 points.

In the overall picture, the three of major stocks of the U.S. stock indexes closed higher on Monday this week. On Monday, Nasdaq recorded a 5-day winning streak that was its longest since May.

  • Disney, Snap, Papa John’s Records this Tuesday 

There are dozens of companies that are scheduled to release their earnings by today. Most of the focus of the market is set on Disney (NYSE: DIS) and Snap (NYSE: SNAP). Not only, this, but Papa John’s (NASDAQ: PZZA) results are also desperately awaited as the company has been engulfed in a controversy on the issue of the use of racial slur by the founder and now former CEO.

Among these prominent companies, several other high profile names are also included in the reporting today during the pre-market hour. Some of these include 0 Office Depot (NASDAQ: ODP), Discovery (NASDAQ: DISCA), Crocs (NASDAQ: CROX), and Dean Foods (NASDAQ: DF).

  • USD Falls Back! 

Unfortunately, where the stock has been firming its hand in the U.S., where the USD that is the United state dollar has slipped lower this Tuesday. The USD index that measures the greenback’s strength has been performing lower against the bucket of 6 major currencies. It was evidenced that US dollar was roughly down by 0.2 percent to the 95.00 level from 85.35 on Monday.

Moving ahead, Euro found it ladder to climb up by 0.3 percent to 1.1590 from 1.1530 on Tuesday.

  • Oil Prices Still growing Higher 

Coming to the commodity market, oil prices are still increasing as the US reinforced sanctions against the major crude exporter Iran. Brent Crude futures, the global benchmark landed on 50 cents to $74.25 a barrel and US Crude rose 30 cents to $69.31.

It seems like post this fluctuation, oil traders have turned their attention to the fresh data on the US commercial crude inventories to gauge the strength of demand among the oil consumers worldwide.

The weekly report from the American petroleum is yet to be out for the week ended on 3rd August at 4:30 PM ET.

  • JOLTs Data Ahead 

There have been no top-tier reports on the deck yet and on the data front, the calendar appears to be thin today. It has been estimating that the highlight of the day will come at 10:00 AM ET. This will happen when the Bureau of Labor Statistics releases its job openings and labor turnover survey data from June.

This is the picture of the market today, Tuesday!


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